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WordPress 搜索不会搜索所有内容,并且无法让您对搜索内容和搜索方式进行足够的控制。Relevanssi 为您提供完全访问和完全控制,并提供大量过滤器和方法,使 Relevanssi 按照您希望的搜索方式工作。该版本最新内容更新如下:

These versions are maintenance releases, with some new filter hooks that allow more customization and some requested debugging tools. The rest of the updates are small bug fixes in fairly uncommon situations.


  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_highlight_regex makes it possible to adjust the regex used for highlighting.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_excerpt_custom_fields filters the list of custom fields used for creating the excerpt.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_phrase_custom_fields filters the list of custom fields used for phrase matching. Return an empty array to disable phrase matching in custom fields.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_phrase_taxonomies filters the list of taxonomies used for phrase matching. Return an empty array to disable phrase matching in taxonomies.
  • New feature: If RELEVANSSI_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY are all true, Relevanssi will print out indexing debugging messages to the error log (PHP error log or whatever is defined in WP_DEBUG_LOG).
  • Changed behaviour: If the relevanssi_accents_replacement_arrays returns an empty array, the accent variation feature is disabled.
  • Minor fix: Term indexing with WPML only indexed the terms in the current admin language. Now, the terms are indexed in all languages.
  • Minor fix: Some ACF fields change the global $post, leading to indexing problems. Relevanssi tries to prevent that now.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Relevanssi couldn’t create the click tracking table on subsites during the multisite installation.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Safety features for post-part targeting to avoid fatal errors from wrong variable types.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Pinning failed in multisite if the search site didn’t have any pinned posts.
  • Premium. Minor fix: The relevanssi_custom_field_value filter hook is now applied to _relevanssi_pdf_content field when the PDF content is indexed for the parent post.
  • Premium. Minor fix: The relevanssi_premium_get_post() now returns a WP_Error when the post is not found.
  • Premium. Minor fix: The “Did you mean” feature now makes fewer suggestions for already correct words.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Trigger reindexing of the parent post when an attachment is attached or detached from the Media Library.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Click tracking works much better in multisite searches and counts the clicks for the correct subsite.

You can get the new version from the automatic updates. The Premium version can also be found on the Download page.

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