66analytics v24.0.0 网站统计和用户分析的PHP源码中文版更新下载


66analytics 自托管、友好、一体化的网络分析工具。轻量级跟踪、会话重播、热图、用户旅程等。该系统版本最新内容更新如下:

  • 通过管理面板实现了在登录页中启用/禁用推荐部分的功能
  • 实现了从页脚启用/禁用主题切换器的功能
  • 在主页上实现FAQ块,可以从管理面板启用
  • 实现了一个新的选择器,用于在需要时进行搜索的下拉列表
  • 改进了前端的公告外观
  • 改进了计划页面外观
  • 改进了联盟页面的外观
  • 改进了主页上行动调用小部件的外观
  • 改进了计划付款感谢页面的外观
  • 改进了外观以及内部通知小部件的工作方式
  • 改进了像素创建/更新页面的外观
  • 从FontAwesome 5升级到FontAwesome 6
  • 领英登录转换为领英要求的新版本
  • 增加了对PHP 8.2的支持
  • 在页脚添加了新的Threads社交网络-来自管理面板
  • 修复了广播新的编辑器变量无法正常工作的问题
  • 其他整体外观和感觉的改进
  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable testimonials section in the landing page via the admin panel.
  • Implemented the ability to enable/disable the theme switcher from the footer.
  • Implemented FAQ block on the homepage which can be enabled from the admin panel.
  • Implemented a new selector for dropdowns with search when needed.
  • Improved announcements look on the frontend.
  • Improved look on plans page.
  • Improved look on affiliate page.
  • Improved look on the call to action widget on the home page.
  • Improved look on plan payment thank you page.
  • Improved look and how internal notifications widget works.
  • Improved look on the pixel creation/update page.
  • Upgraded from FontAwesome 5 to FontAwesome 6.
  • LinkedIn login transitioned to the new version required by LinkedIn.
  • Added support for PHP 8.2.
  • Added the new Threads social network in the footer – from the admin panel.
  • Fixed broadcasts new editor variables not working properly.
  • Other overall look and feel improvements.

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