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Formidable Forms是一个功能强大的WordPress表单插件,可以快速将您的表单转变为数据驱动的应用程序。无论是构建简单的联系表单还是复杂的多页表单,您都可以使用文件上传、条件逻辑和计算等功能。此外,您还可以通过视图和图表来展示收集到的数据。使用Formidable Forms,您将获得更多,不仅仅是WordPress表单。该插件版本最新内容更新如下:

Formidable Forms Pro:2024年1月3日

  • 新增:[frm graph]快捷代码现在支持title_italic=1选项
  • 新增:将查找或动态字段显示为下拉列表的设置已重命名,以提高与屏蔽POST数据中“选择”一词的安全工具的兼容性
  • 新增:启用白色标签后,导入页面上的可变形品牌已被删除
  • 新增:条件逻辑中使用的“like”和“not like”条件已重命名为“contains”和“不包含”
  • 修正:当已经设置了值时,编辑的条目会执行查找并更改某些字段的值
  • 修复:在完成查找或上传文件后,有条件禁用的提交按钮将切换为启用。现在,只有当所有条件都满足时,它才会切换到启用状态
  • 修复:单击“重新开始”按钮后,像[post_title]和[get]短代码这样的动态默认值并不总是设置回默认值
  • 修复:当同时使用group_by和include_zero选项时,使用[frm graph]短代码会发生致命错误
  • 修复:RTL布局上的根线元素的样式问题已经修复
  • 修复:条件为greater_than=“-10分钟”的[if-created_at]条件语句在使用预期时区时不起作用。这已经更新为使用条件值,如“-10分钟”和“-30秒”
  • 修复:现在在为草稿条目调用frm_after_create_entry操作时包含了第三个参数。如果没有这个参数,可能会与依赖这个钩子的其他代码发生冲突,包括旧版本的Zoho Flow插件中的代码
  • 修复:由于上一版本中引入的问题,在更新条目时没有添加新的中继器条目
  • 修复:将数值与意外的非数字字符串(如“_123”)进行比较时,“like”条件无法工作
  • 修复:在处理短代码时,已修复在调用str_replace时向参数#3传递null的不推荐消息
  • 修复:停用Pro时会记录一些警告
  • 修复:在处理短代码时,已修复调用stripos时向参数#1传递null的不推荐消息
  • 修复:当为多选动态下拉菜单导入CSV数据时,只有一个条目记录会成功导入
  • 修复:在页面加载时进行查找后编辑条目时,只会选择一个多选查找选项
  • 修正:使用中继器的计算有时会包含具有类似字段键的不正确字段的值
  • 修复:点击带有已上传文件的单个文件上传字段将不再加载上传另一个文件的提示

Formidable Forms Pro:January 3, 2024

  • New: [frm-graph] shortcodes now support a title_italic=1 option.
  • New: The setting for displaying a look up or dynamic field as a dropdown has been renamed to improve compatibility with security tools that block the word \”select\” in POST data.
  • New: Formidable branding has been removed on the import page when white labelling is enabled.
  • New: \”like\” and \”not like\” conditions used in conditional logic have been renamed to \”contains\” and \”does not contain\”.
  • Fix: Edited entries would perform look ups and change the value of some fields watching the look ups when there were already values set.
  • Fix: A conditionally disabled submit button would switch to enabled after a look up was completed, or a file was uploaded. Now it will only switch to enabled when all conditions are fulfilled.
  • Fix: Dynamic defaults values like [post_title] and [get] shortcodes were not always getting set back to their default values after clicking the start over button.
  • Fix: A fatal error would occur when using a [frm-graph] shortcode when using group_by and include_zero options together.
  • Fix: A styling issue has been fixed for rootline elements on RTL layouts.
  • Fix: [if created_at] conditional statements with conditions like greater_than=\”-10 minutes\” would not work using the expected timezone. This has been updated to work with condition values like \”-10 minutes\” and \”-30 seconds\”.
  • Fix: A third parameter is now included when calling the frm_after_create_entry action for a draft entry. Without this parameter, there were issues with possible conflicts with other code that relies on this hook, including code in older versions of the Zoho Flow plugin.
  • Fix: New repeater entries were not getting added when updating an entry because of an issue introduced in last release.
  • Fix: \”like\” conditions were failing to work when comparing a numeric value to an unexpected non-numeric string like \”_123\”.
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #3 deprecated message when calling str_replace has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: Some warnings would get logged when deactivating Pro.
  • Fix: A passing null to parameter #1 deprecated message when calling stripos has been fixed when processing shortcodes.
  • Fix: When importing CSV data for a multiselect dynamic dropdown, only a single entry record would get imported successfully.
  • Fix: Only a single multiselect lookup option would be selected when editing an entry after the lookup happens on page load.
  • Fix: Calculations with repeaters would sometimes include values from incorrect fields with similar field keys.
  • Fix: Clicking on a single file upload field with an uploaded file will no longer load the prompt to upload another file.

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