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phpRank是一款专业的 SEO 报告和网络工具软件旨在帮助提高网站的内容、质量和性能。该系统版本最新内容更新如下:

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— 2024 年 2 月 20 日

  • 添加了新的 SEO 报告测试:HTTP/2
  • 添加了新的 SEO 报告测试:HTST
  • 添加了新的 SEO 报告测试:DOCTYPE
  • 添加了新工具:正常运行时间计算器
  • 添加了新工具:元标签检查器
  • 添加了新工具:HTTP 标头检查器
  • 添加了新的身份验证系统:Google 帐户
  • 添加了新的身份验证系统:Microsoft 帐户
  • 添加了新的身份验证系统:Apple 帐户
  • 添加了新的验证码驱动程序:hCaptcha
  • 添加了新的验证码驱动程序:Turnstile
  • 添加了新的社交资料页脚链接:LinkedIn、Github、Discord、Reddit、Threads、TikTok、Tumblr、Pinterest
  • 添加了管理员以用户身份登录的功能
  • 增加了管理员为访客用户启用有限报告的功能
  • 增加了管理员从管理面板翻译页面的功能
  • 增加了管理员在网站上强制使用 HTTPS 方案的功能(默认启用)
  • 增加了管理员禁用联系表单的功能
  • 增加了管理员在“联系方式”页面上显示联系电子邮件、电话和地址的功能
  • 向 Account API 端点添加了用户首选项
  • 向工具部分添加了类别过滤器
  • 为每个工具添加了简短说明
  • 改进了代码库(代码重构)
  • 改进了用户在外部链接上导航时的隐私
  • 改进了 SEO(连续标题、锚点描述、图像描述)
  • 改进了辅助功能(页脚元素现在具有屏幕阅读器的描述性文本)
  • 在获取网址时使用 HTTP/2 协议提高了抓取性能
  • 将所有依赖项更新到最新版本
  • 仅将版本控制系统更新到主要版本
  • 修复了 UTM Builder Tool 结果生成不正确的参数名称
  • 修复了 WHOIS 查找工具没有验证码保护的问题
  • 修复了“帐户计划”页面上的使用编号未格式化的问题
  • 修复了当前日期时间引用在页面加载过程中可能不相同的问题
  • 修复了删除用户时报告不会被删除的问题
  • 其他细微改进

— 20 February 2024

  • Added new SEO report test: HTTP/2
  • Added new SEO report test: HTST
  • Added new SEO report test: DOCTYPE
  • Added new Tool: Uptime Calculator
  • Added new Tool: Meta Tags Checker
  • Added new Tool: HTTP Headers Checker
  • Added new Authentication system: Google Account
  • Added new Authentication system: Microsoft Account
  • Added new Authentication system: Apple Account
  • Added new Captcha driver: hCaptcha
  • Added new Captcha driver: Turnstile
  • Added new social profile footer links: LinkedIn, Github, Discord, Reddit, Threads, TikTok, Tumblr, Pinterest
  • Added the ability for the Admin to Login as User
  • Added the ability for the Admin to enable limited Reports for Guest Users
  • Added the ability for the Admin to translate Pages from the Admin Panel
  • Added the ability for the Admin to force HTTPS scheme on the website (enabled by default)
  • Added the ability for the Admin to disable the Contact form
  • Added the ability for the Admin to display Contact Email, Phone, and Address on the Contact page
  • Added User\'s Preferences to the Account API endpoint
  • Added Category filters to Tools section
  • Added a short description to every Tool
  • Improved the codebase (code refactoring)
  • Improved user\'s privacy when navigating on external links
  • Improved SEO (sequential headings, anchor descriptions, image descriptions)
  • Improved accessibility (footer elements now have descriptive text for screen readers)
  • Improved the crawling performance by using the HTTP/2 protocol when fetching URLs
  • Updated all the dependencies to their latest versions
  • Updated the versioning system to major versions only
  • Fixed the UTM Builder Tool result generating incorrect parameter names
  • Fixed the WHOIS Lookup Tool not having Captcha protection
  • Fixed the usage number on Account Plan page not being formatted
  • Fixed current date time references potentially not being the same across a page load
  • Fixed the Reports not being deleted when a User is deleted
  • Other minor improvements

最新中文版 phpRank 源码点击下载

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